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Welcome to

be free

Family Farm


Be Free Family Farm began with love. Love for family, friends and healthy food. A desire to create a lasting legacy of family values based on health, wellness and growth. An opportunity to take risks, to try something new, to grow and think outside the box. Most importantly, a chance to learn, to take care of yourself while also improving the lives of others around you. To work hard and give generously. To teach and be taught. To fill and be fulfilled. BFFF is a place to grow your spirit and nurture your soul. 

If you seek a place to learn about natural, non-GMO, organic farming methods then this is your place. 

If you seek solace and escape from city or traditional work life, this is your place. 

If you are searching for a place to walk among nature and breathe fresh air, this is your place. 

If you enjoy getting dirt on your hands and tasting the cleanest, freshest food directly off the vine, branch, or tree, this, too is your place. 

If you wish to learn how to prepare this gorgeous produce from nature, we offer that too. 

If you simply wish to enjoy relaxing by the bonfire in the evening with a beverage in your hand, then this too is your place. 

We welcome all who seek peace, health, relaxation or simply delicious, fresh, natural food. 

Come - learn with us as we navigate our land and grow. 

Be Free

From day 1 we made the decision to embrace organic farming practices.  We use no non-organic herbicides or pesticides on our fields or plants.  The process to become organically certified was not easy. The fields used organic practices for a minimum of 3 years while we were in "transition" - a kind of farming purgatory. In April 2015 our crops were certified, and in August 2015 our livestock and eggs were certified.


Be Free Family farm currently has 3 colonies of honey bees.  We also have all our own honey extraction equipment.  We take care of the bees and harvest the honey once each year in late July or early August.  Our first year we harvested 30 pounds of honey.  Our second year we harvested 56 pounds of honey.  Our most recent year we set another record at over 100 pounds of honey.  This bountiful harvest allowed us to successfully participate as a vendor in our first farmers market.  Our honey is not heated or processed in any way and goes from the hive to the jar with only a filter screen.  It is raw and local.

If you want some great honey - let us know and we will make a deal.